Red Paper-Clip Center Story

Sarah arrives at the center with her two children.  She and her husband had a fight, he hit her, unfortunately a kid saw this happen. Sarah is in need of minor medical attention, counseling, and a new lease on life.
Tony, her son, age 12 is angry.  Patty, the daughter aged 10 is scared.  If they’re going to stay at the center they’re going to need new clothes since they left everything behind.  Tony and Patty are going to need school, counseling and some healing.  The center offers them a safe place to stay while they figure out what’s going on in their lives.
Tony is offered, art therapy (a lump of clay, and his hands can turn anger and frustration into art, and make him proud of something he has created). He is also offered sports therapy to work out positive male role issues, anger and aggression, and cooperation.
Patty is offering one of the rescue animals, because she needs somebody to show her that she’s safe, cared for and unconditionally loved.  Of course Roscoe the dog had come from somewhere, and has been rescued himself.  The animals are offered veterinary care, grooming, and housing, and food as well.
Sarah is offered to work in the gardens, or do some other minor chore (i.e. Housekeeping, cooking, or whatever her background is to trade) to offset her initial rent of one of the apartments, or houses on the property.
Sarah is offered counseling, therapies of any kind that fit her needs, attorneys (if that’s necessary), an elder mentor (which is another client at the center, this is a senior person, or someone who has been through what she has, or a “broken” (like me ☺ person).  Obviously, the other people to do therapy or mentoring are also people working with the center.  They can be people that live on the property, or people that come and go.  If they live on property their services could be anything that they trade for their rent, helping Sarah and her kids.
Any one of these scenarios are completely win win win.  Very circular, and they all overlap.
Everyone that comes into the CENTER has something to trade of value to offset their rental, or therapy costs for living at the center.  It can be taken care of the animals that come onto the CENTER.  It could be working in the garden, cooking meals, house cleaning, working as a mentor.  Any one of these situations is also very therapy to help heal them.
Further scenario, the excess grown in the garden can be sold for cash or trade.  The classes offered can be paid for in cash or trade, and attended and open to the general public.
Now to go a step further…  Jim also needs help.  We offer him counseling, we asked the emotionally stronger, grounded men to talk to Jim in a nonthreatening way.  Jim may not have understood the magnitude of the situation he created.  Sometimes, a man just needs some other men (I want to say sane man) to simply have a conversation about how that’s not an appropriate response and there are different ways to handle the situation.
Now if you count with this one scenario, we have helped Sarah, Tony, Patty, Jim, Roscoe the dog, Betty and mentor, and that is just the beginning.
We learn that  Sarah wants to open her own business.  The reason for the blow up was over money.  Tony and Patty are starting to do very well in the charter school and are going to graduate out of the CENTER (of course win win again the teachers are also paid cash and trade for teaching at the CENTER)
Sarah and Jim are working out their issues.  Sarah started her own business, using cash and trade, earning both cash and trade.
Tony is going on to become a dentist. The CENTER offers grant money, or possibly colleges in the future to help offset the cost.  Tony will also come back to the CENTER and donate his skill to repay some of his grant money.  This helps the other people coming into the CENTER of any dental care, for instance, Pam just came in to the CENTER with her tooth knockout. Patty graduates from the CENTER and becomes a beautician.  Same scenario as Tony, she comes back, offering her services to pay back the help that was offered to her. We now have grounded, emotionally stable young adults on the “right” path in their lives and we have broken the cycle of abuse, addiction and created a healing scenario that they can now help the next generation or council their own.

The clothing that was offered when Sarah first arrived was recycled, re-purposed clothing, keeping it out of landfills as were all the appliances and dishes in the apartment or house they rented when they arrived. When someone leaves or graduates from the CENTER they are offered to “purchase” things they will need for a new home (this is great for fire or catastrophic event victims). Since the CENTER runs on cash and trade and everyone has at least one skill that is treatable, they can “purchase” anything from the CENTER for either cash or trade.
The CENTER is will also have a clothing line, animal product line, bookmarks, money clips, and any other way to monetize and generate profit (cash and trade) to generate the necessary revenue to run the CENTER. The chickens that are rescued can produce eggs, feathers, and eventually meat.
The CENTER has land with wild game to hunt. This is a very old ways idea or self-sustaining.  Each CENTER is self-contained, running of whatever renewable resource is abundant in that area.
We will work with all known organic growing ideas… IE Vermasocks (the worm wine) or the new one I just learned of hydroponics with fish in “troths” the fish feed the plants and the plants feed the fish until the fish or plant feeds the person (not me of course! ☺). There is no waste, nothing that cannot be repurposed, reused or recycled.

The CENTER also works with all other non-profit organizations to allow maximum help and no red tape. This will heal and create the most good. ☺
I hope that helps spread the “disease” of my vision for you. ☺ there is more but I have to do something else now…