The RED PAPER CLIP CENTER works with Domestic Violence, Troubled Teens, the Elderly, and “Broken people” (people with challenges to sustainable employment, this can be physical, emotional, background, education, and or incarceration), animal rescue and Veterans. We run equally off cash and trade, making anyone in need off assistance or services able to “work off or trade” what they have to gain all the healing, health and wholeness they need.

We are creating a centralized data base to link ALL nonprofits together. This will maximize the benefit to all. For people in need of services, it creates a network of organizations to assist. For nonprofits, it allows people who wish to volunteer, donate or community service an easy resource to allow that. It also allows you to find services you do not offer, and groups to cross promote, network and share resources with (Together we are strong as a Tribe).

Our focuses are: Ending the Cycles of Abuse, fixing the global economy, and to stop victimizing the victim. We can create a strong “tribe” if we all work together and abuse can only survive in the dark. We need to simply all work together, share resources, there are no small jobs, they are all equally important.

Our websites are constantly changing. We are creating this searchable scalable FREE listing centralized data base so stop back often to see the changes.

Watch for our upcoming events, fundraisers, sponsor links, and feel free to join our Linked In, Face Book and Meet Up groups (those are called the RED PAPER CLIP CENTER HELP NETWORK) of course please share our groups, our message, mission, passion and purpose. We can only make this level of change with the help of all.