Red Paper Clip Center Stories of healing, and wholeness.

Of course all names are made up in these stories.
Sarah arrives at the center with her two children. She and her husband (Jim) had an argument that turned physical (this can easily happen with the stress and pressures of this economy), unfortunately her kids saw this happen. Sarah is in need of minor medical attention, counseling, a place to stay, essentials like clothing, her kids back in school, (most abuse takes place at night, and most people leave with the clothing on their back and nothing else) Tony, her son, age 12 is angry. Patty, the daughter aged 10 is scared.

Tony is offered things like art therapy. By placing a lump of clay in his hands it teaches him to turn frustration and anger into something beautiful. He is also offered sports therapy to learn positive male role issues, cooperation and teamwork.

Patty is offering one of the rescue animals (read Nutmegs full story to show how this all works in circular, “tribal” mentality). Nutmeg a brown Pekinese’s mix is also a rescue. She and Patty start working together showing each other unconditional love, acceptance, and love.

Sarah is offered to work in the holistic gardens, or do some other minor chore (i.e. Housekeeping, cooking, or whatever her background is) to offset her initial rent of one of the apartments, or houses on the property. All of their needs can either be paid for either by cash or trade (through INSTANT BARTER). With all things being currency at the CENTER it is easy to get the services you require just by offering what you already have. She can even pay for her and her children’s health care this way (more details on that to follow).
Each of them is assigned a counselor/ mentor (the full story under Ben, and or Amy’s stories), the kids are in the Charter School (on the property and you can read more about that under Bruce’s story). Jim is assigned to a group I call the “Sane Men” (Dave is the leader of this group… of course his story is listed as well). This group of men is a crucial missing step. These men reach out to Jim to see how we as a community could have better supported this family, and Jim personally so this would not have happened. They are the all working toward healing and wholeness for this family. They will accompany Jim to visitations at the CENTER and see what services that may be available to them all as a family. Once someone has a mentor that person is the focal point for making sure any and all services are made easily available, even if they are not available at the CENTER itself (another reason for the Centralized Data Base allowing for services outside of our groups, cross promoting, and collaborating with other agencies to maximize the benefit to all).

Sarah, Patty and Tony are thriving at the CENTER with all the community support. (These stories are not told in a linear format). Tony is graduating from school and decides to become a Dentist. The CENTER helps him with his further education. Tony will come back and donate time back to the clients of the CENTER. It is a pay it forward pay it back situation. Patty and Nutmeg are doing well together. Patty is learning to care for more of the Centers rescue/ placement program and working toward a management position there, creating her a job when she graduates. Sarah decides to open her own business, and the CENTER assists her with all those needs from classes on business, training, mentorship, equipment, advertising, web design, ETC to help her become sustainable (easily done by using future or excess, without paper currency).
In this story, we end up putting this family back together. Breaking the cycles of abuse. Sarah and Jim remember why they fell in love and now teach others how to not become abusive. Tony and Patty will not learn this behavior. Abuse is usually a childhood trauma that keeps us stuck in the cycle. Once we find the core of the issue we can end that, create healing/ wholeness and overcome any and all adversity. This is a journey, but one worth doing, and easily achieved with the assistance and mentorship programs at the CENTER.

We are open to any and all discussions on our stories, any suggestions, and collaborations. It is one of the reasons we are creating the centralized database. Please assist us toward this massive change. Together we are strong as a tribe.
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More stories under Center’s Way, where you see how our circular “tribal” thinking really works to end the cycles of abuse, and fix the global economy.