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Want a fast way to assist and get paid back??? https://www.kiva.org/lend/1353045 RPCC is in a 0% interest crowdfunding loan program. You can loan us US$ for our projects and get paid back. Bonus you can still write it off on your taxes. Totally legal.


Red Paper Clip Center is currently raising funds for three main goals.

We are opening our first healing center in Tucson, AZ this will start as 13 acres, and be a measured roll out, tiny housing community, with full healing, education, holistic gardens, marketplace. All the previously described for the 10-12 100 acre facilities. We need STUFF! Building materials of all types, and hands to assist. Cargo containers, airplane pieces, anything we can use to assist more people fast! Especially the displaced from these storms, and other natural disasters.

Gathering information for and launching the database linking all the non profits together.

Cleaning up the Ocean. Red Paper Clip Center is actively working on cleaning up the 15 miles of pesticides, and plastic island. We are partnering with like minded people, companies, and organization to complete this effort.


Name our Appatar and win a $500 Gift Certificate Email entries to Office@RedPaperClipCenter.com  redpaperclip appitarClick on picture to download our game playing appatar.

For further vendor, and sponsor information please contact Office@RedPaperClipCenter.com

Oct is Domestic Violence awareness month

Nov, Dec there are always people needing help and support.

The conference calls are open to anyone. Contact for next call details.

We have a large amount of Jewelry, and  destination vacations  already available. More information to follow, as we get closer to our event.