Sponsorships/ Donations

Red Paper Clip Center is actively seeking donations and sponsorships for our three main projects:

Red Paper Clip Center is opening it’s first healing facility in Tucson, AZ. This will start as 13 acres as a measured roll out to the larger 100 acre facilities. Tiny house community for those in need, holistic garden, marketplace, education, healing facilities we described.

We are currently gathering information for and launching the database linking all non profits together. If you want an easy way to assist there…. https://www.kiva.org/lend/1353045 RPCC is in a 0% crowdfunding loan program through Kiva to generate US$ to pay for this undertaking. It is a LOAN You get paid back.

Cleaning up the 15 miles of pesticides, and plastic island, out of the ocean. We are partnering with other like minded companies, individuals, and organization to complete this effort.

Red Paper Clip Center is taking on these massive undertakings for the benefit of all mankind. See what level you can join us to further these goals. “Together we are strong as a tribe.”