Center’s Way

The circular healing at the CENTER is very simple, all lives intersect to create a healing atmosphere. One person can make this much change in a life. Read some of the massive impacts that just one person can make below. Imagine this in a bigger scale of healing/ wholeness. Teaching every future generation that abuse is not a part of life, that I do not have to make you feel bad just so I feel better, to interact in a better way… Together we are strong as a Tribe. Join us in our mission, passion, purpose and share our message. Thank you.

Nutmegs story:

Nutmeg is a 3 yr. old Pekingese mix. She is found under a box in the rain on the street. She has already had 2 litters of puppies, is run down, underweight, and a muddy matted mess. Her coat has lost all its luster. She needs help. Becky finds her, and knows of the RED PAPER CLIP CENTERS rescue/ rehabilitation program. Becky takes Nutmeg to the CENTER. She is looked over by veterinarians, given a bath, and then assigned a caregiver. Donna will be watching over Nutmeg till she decides what role she chooses to play with the CENTER. Any animal is allowed the choice if they want to be adopted out, be a therapy animal or if they wish to go into the life homes program. The difference is simple and can easily change as time goes on. Therapy animals are assigned to the elderly, scared or troubled kids, domestic violence people, veterans, or anyone in need of a therapy animal (love works both ways to create healing).

Nutmeg is gaining weight and thriving. Donna decides it is time to assign her as a therapy animal. Nutmeg meets Peggy (age 10) whose life has just been turned upside down due to domestic violence.
Nutmeg makes Peggy feel safe, shows her unconditional love. Peggy and Nutmeg are starting to thrive. Donna is watching and overseeing all interactions. Peggy’s story is under Sarah and Jim (her parent’s story).
Nutmeg is one of many animals, everything from chickens to tigers. If for whatever reason they find themselves homeless, or in the wrong spot, needing care or any essential basic needs, they can come to the CENTER where they will receive veterinary care, housing, and be able to stay in a life homes situation, be adopted out, or become therapy animals. Once a life or soul has been touched by the CENTER they are always allowed to come back. If for some reason an animal that has been adopted out is found in a shelter situation or not able to be kept, they can always come back to the CENTER. We are devising a tracking system that makes sense to all, so this is a fast process. We believe that all lives, all souls are the responsibility of whomever is assigned to them. In this case Donna will track Nutmeg for the rest of her life. If for some reason Donna is unable to do that, someone else will step in and take over. In this case, Nutmeg decides to stay with Peggy, Donna agrees the bond is strong. Separating them is not in the best interest of anyone. Nutmeg will live happily ever after, with love, and care till she passes at the ripe age of 15 yrs.
If a chicken shows up they will be laying hens until they are too old. Then they will become food for the residence. All parts will be used – feathers for art, and the rest will be composted back to the land. This is the same for all…. A (life-home) situation is a pet or wild animal that needs a place to live out its days in peace, care and comfort until they then pass. This is the way it used to be and the way we wish the cycle of life to be fulfilled.

Donna  Story:

Donna is a former foster care kid. She is like most of the children in the US, who age out of the system at the ripe age of 18. Considered adults by the foster care system even though they are not adults in most states. With no preparation of how to be an adult, she is lost in the system. She is smart, and pretty, which is dangerous for foster care kids. Most are molested, find themselves ill prepared for life, let alone life in the system. The statistics for foster care kids becoming pregnant, abusing drugs or alcohol are staggering. They tend to self-medicate to numb the pain of being “thrown away” by their parents and life in general. Donna is a statistic, a number, a faceless child of the system. She is about to age out, when her counselor offers her the option of the CENTER.
She comes to live here with the brown paper bag of her belongings that she left the system with, all of her life, and possessions will fit in that brown paper bag. She needs housing, counseling, mentorship, education, and basic training to become a functioning adult in society.
Donna is offered an internship to help pay for her expenses. Since the CENTER runs equally off cash and INSTANT BARTER trade, she is able to offset her expenses by working in one of our programs. Donna takes a liking to our animal rescue program. She finds a certain value with working with the animals and helping them find their way quid pro quo, they need her and she needs them to find their place in life.

Donna is offered further education, to assist her in finding her way. She is happy in managing the animals and working with others to help find their way. Donna is assigned Nutmeg when she arrives, soon to meet Patty and her family.
Donna graduates college in a short time and goes on to open her own company. She beats the odds with the assistance of the CENTER. She has continued responsibilities with the CENTER with all the animals she has been assigned to. Donna loves the fact she can do any kind of counseling or mentorship just by continuing to watch the animals that she would gladly follow for free for the rest of their lives. This is an important healing lesson for Donna. As a throw away child in the foster care system she learns at the CENTER how to create life long bonds in a healthy way. This is an easy way to achieve her healing and journey toward wholeness.

Bruce story:
Bruce is a veteran. He has come to the CENTER after a bought of depression, and a string of being turned down for jobs he is overqualified for. After his service he finds that life is not what he thought he would come home to. He is now trained in a field where there are no jobs, and with his pain level to manage, his only option is to live off disability and veterans benefits. He finds these are not fulfilling and limiting to say the least. He learns of the CENTER.
His intake person is Ben. Ben greets him with a hearty handshake, a wholehearted Thank you for service, and a glimmer of hope. Bruce is taken aback, he has not received this level of respect since he joined the service. Ben has been at the CENTER for several years and knows all the benefits he can offer to Bruce. Ben knows that Bruce can be paid in INSTANT BARTER trade and it not affect his benefits at all, it is considered volunteer work. This will allow Bruce to find his purpose in life, get the services he needs like counseling, mentorship, even massage to allow him to be more proactive in his health (using massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, even hypnosis to start) and manage his pain with less drugs.

Bruce has a lot of computer skills and an aptitude to teach. He is assigned to work at the Charter School teaching computer skills to advanced students. He is also assigned to work with the Elderly teaching them simple computer basics, and also anyone needing tutorship. He is assigned to work with Tony and his mom, Sarah (a domestic violence family that has come to the CENTER). Tony needs role models, and a little additional help with his computer training in the school. This is a win win win. Tony learns how a warrior thinks. Most warriors value human life above all else, and would die rather than hurt a woman. This gives Tony some valuable lessons above his class studies. Bruce learns to mentor, and how important that is in the life of a young man. (If you think back to your valued mentors you will see how important this lesson is, if you have never experienced it, we suggest you come stay at the CENTER.)

Bruce helps Sarah to set up her books, and build her website. Basic computer skills necessary to run a business. Sarah thrives under the tutoring and mentorship of a man who wants nothing from her, values her as a person and mother, without any ulterior motive. Bruce is doing all this work to pay for his housing, and health care needs, among other things he needs.

Bruce is able to do all these things without letting go of his veteran’s benefits, or his disability, allowing him a different/ better lifestyle. This changes his life for the better, to be able to have all the services he needs without letting go of his safety net. This is real change. Bruce finds his way back into society. Able to manage his pain without drugs, and mends his family ties. If you have ever come across a person who has come from a warrior situation, the missing step is the integration and retraining, all services Bruce readily finds at the CENTER.


Ben’s story:

Ben is a widower. He is lost and just sitting in his house waiting for his life to end. He has skills and values. He is no longer able to do some basic needs for his life. He cannot drive, finds it hard to clean his house, or do simple home repair any longer. His house is becoming run down. He is completely functioning in society, however he is lost in the system. He gets his social security which covers some of his needs, but not all. He finds he cannot afford to hire people to run his errands, buy his medications, and pay his bills. His family is busy with their own lives and has no resources to assist him. He does not need to be in a home, he can care for himself, and just there are minor things that keep falling through the cracks.
A friend tells Ben about the CENTER. He decides to come and take a look. At first his idea is to just come and get the help he needs, not to live there. This is another offer of the CENTER, not all the people working with the CENTER and finding the services they need have to live on property. He is able to find his way by working as an intake worker. He greets people looking for services, finds them their 1st mentor. This gives him a new lease on life, and a purpose.

Ben meets Sarah and her family when they first arrive. He assigns them Amy as their main contact with the CENTER. Ben meets Bruce and helps him feel at home, comforted and find his way. When Donna arrives he is the elderly grandfather figure she desperately needed.

Ben is doing very well. He comes in 5 days a week, for a few hours. This gives him INSTANT BARTER trade currency to hire a home caregiver, housekeeper, cook for a few meals a week, someone to assist him with errands, and frees up his paper currency to be able to pay for his bills and his medication while giving him a better more comfortable lifestyle. He is even trading some of his excess items to pay for his house to be repainted and his landscaping needs. He is very happy. Loves his “job” is finding a new way of living without affecting his social security benefits. His family is very happy. They have notice how his health is improving and they are even making more time to visit. With his new found ability to trade he now has funds for presents, and vacations, making them all a closer family unit.

Ben works for the CENTER for several years before he moves into some of the elderly housing. Extending his usefulness in society. He lives his last years in peace, comfort and being totally cared for. Truly a blessing for him and his family. The CENTER even offers counseling and grief training for the extended family after Ben passes.