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Red PaperClip Center

“The strength of my resolve and my drive to make the change are directly proportionate RED_PAPERCLIP_CENTER3-1to my absolute moral outrage that these situations even exist.” ASH



Imagine a world where everyone is healed from their abuse, there is no trauma, and everyone has all they need, this is what we at the RED PAPER CLIP CENTER are building. Together we are strong as a tribe, come join the tribe that is making this dream come true.

RPCC a tribal non profit, considered our own Country outside the US opening our first healing center in Tucson, AZ. You do not need to be Native American to receive services from us. “Together we are strong as a tribe.” We work with all modalities of need except sever mental health. Read on to learn more.

The RED PAPER CLIP CENTER (a tribal nonprofit)  works with Domestic Violence, Troubled Teens, foster care kids, the Elderly, and “Broken people” (people with challenges to sustainable employment, this can be physical, emotional, background, education, and or incarceration), animal rescue and Veterans. We run equally off cash and trade, making anyone in need off assistance or services able to “work off or trade” what they have to gain all the healing, health and wholeness they need. We are focused on cleaning up the Environment, and fixing the global economy as well.

We are creating a centralized data base to link ALL nonprofits together. This will maximize the benefit to all. For people in need of services, it creates a network of organizations to assist. For nonprofits, it allows people who wish to volunteer, donate or community service an easy resource to allow that. It also allows you to find services you do not offer, and groups to cross promote, network and share resources with (Together we are strong as a Tribe).

Our focuses are: Ending the Cycles of Abuse, fixing the global economy, and to stop victimizing the victim. We can create a strong “tribe” if we all work together. Abuse can only survive in the dark. We simply need to all work together, share resources, there are no small jobs, they are all equally important. Every part of the CENTER is circular or tribal in thinking, although we do not only work with Native Americans. We see everyone as part of our tribe, anyone in need of any service, and or any service provider. The CENTER runs equally off cash (paper currency) and trade (through INSTANT BARTER). We offer a place for people to receive the assistance they need, just by using the resources they already have, whatever those may be.

Every life that is touched by the CENTER is changed for the highest good of all. Everything is completely used to the maximum of its potential. The store runs equally off paper currency and trade, allowing for people to overcome any trauma. IE the elderly person who has excess stuff, the person who has had a fire, flood or is just starting over, needs that stuff. The store is open to the general public allowing anyone to purchase eggs, or produce from the holistic gardens, furniture, or clothing. This is only one of the many circular thought processes at the CENTER.

Our websites are constantly changing. We are creating this searchable scalable FREE listing centralized data base so stop back often to see the changes.

Watch for our upcoming events, fundraisers, auction items,  sponsor links, and feel free to join our Linked In, Face Book and Meet Up groups (those are called the RED PAPER CLIP CENTER HELP NETWORK) of course please share our groups, our message, mission, passion and purpose. We can only make this level of change with the help of all.


Meet our team:

Director of Health Care: Dr Dorothy Neddermeyer PH.D

Genesis Consultants, Inc., Founder/CEO Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority on bridging Science, Spirit, and Human Potential with 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development.​ ​

 Dr Dorothy specializes ​i​n all diagnosis from Abdominal Pain to Zits and everything in between

​–including ADHD, ADD, Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, ​Lupus, etc

Holistic Health Care is administered through a Deep Healing process . It is a clear, concise and direct method of working with the mental/emotional/physical issues that transcends traditional Western Medicine and Western Psychiatric protocols while retaining a professional focus. Deep Healing avoids ​toxic ​Prescription/OTC drugs, body parts removed, artificial hypnotic inductions and psychic interventions. The process ties in directly with the experiences and needs of the person. The process is down-to-earth, to-the-point, practical, fearless and with 30+ years experience I know Deep Healing is effective.

As an inspirational leader, Dr. Dorothy empowers people to view life’s challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.


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It is possible to donate in the name of a third party, making a gift in honor or in memory of someone or something. Gifts in honor or memory of a third party are made for various reasons, such as holiday gifts, wedding gifts, in memory of somebody who has died, in memory of pets or in the name of groups or associations no longer existing. Memorial gifts are sometimes requested by their survivors (e.g. “in lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to ABC Charity”), usually directing donations to a charitable organization for which the deceased was a donor or volunteer, or for a cause befitting the deceased’s priorities in life or manner of death. Memorial donations are also sometimes given by people if they cannot go to the ceremonies.

One of the best gift that I ever received was when my family made a donation in my name to help someone get what they needed.

Connie Jean Smith